About us

Garlic Solutions is a young and innovative company specialised in the semi-mechanical processing of garlic bulbs into garlic cloves. This is a much quicker and cheaper way than manually breaking garlic bulbs. We started back in 2016  and nowadays we produce and deliver more than one million garlic cloves per week to customers throughout Europe and Canada.

We operate from our modern logistic building in the immediate vicinity of Rotterdam, where we also constantly innovate our products and processes.

To meet the growing demand of consumers to prepare healthy and tasty dishes in less time, we have expanded our product range. We now also produce and supply freshly sliced herbs, spices and vegetables in special consumer packaging for supermarkets and wholesale.

At Garlic Solutions, we are proud and take care of all our customers. We are happy to serve everyone well and quickly. Thanks to our flexible production lines and experienced staff, we can quickly respond to the demands of our customers. We love short communication lines and we always have a ' decision maker ' on the telephone. We deliver our fresh products on a daily basis with a focus on quality, flexibility and our year-round delivery guarantee

Why Garlic Solutions?

The best quality

We work with certified Spanish growers and we keep the whole process under our own management.


Year-round delivery, customised service and fast deliveries.

Completely natural products

All our products are of the highest quality and grown according to the latest techniques. Sustainability is the central factor.


Our garlic clove counters ensure that our customers get the exact number of garlic cloves they order, reducing food waste.

‘Zero waste’ principle of our sliced herbs and spices

Quality and Certification

At Garlic Solutions, food safety is our number one priority. This is why we are an FSSC 22000 certified company and meet all food safety requirements. In addition, our organic garlic is Skal certified.

Quality and Certification Quality and Certification


Garlic Solutions uses a tailor-made WMS and ERP system. This means we can track all our products and goods within Garlic Solutions in real time. This allows Garlic Solutions full control over the process and makes it possibleto switch quickly to each grower.


Garlic Solutions works exclusively with certified suppliers. This allows us to ensure that we only process the highest quality garlic. To ensure this, we forge close and sustainable partnerships with our growers. Together we look for the best balance between quality and quantity at a fair price and we conduct annual suppliers audits.


Garlic Solutions only works with certified transport companies to guarantee the quality all the way from grower to customer. In addition, we also have our own (refrigerated) transport, so our delivery options are much more flexible and/or we can take care of a backorder very quickly.


  • We only work with certified Spanish garlic growers and certified growers of herbs, vegetables
    and spices.
  • We sell our garlic waste to cattle feed companies or it is composted.
  • We work with food banks and a company that produces table tops from the garlic peels.
  • All our packaging is recyclable.
  • We use the heat released from our cooling system for our central heating installation.
  • Our counters ensure that our customers get the exact number of garlic cloves they order, limiting food waste.
  • ‘No waste’ principe van onze gesneden kruiden en specerijen.


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